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11 Oct

Buying vs. shopping


“Sale” is a word for people who like buying, I personally prefer shopping instead.

And don’t misunderstand me, it does not mean that I love spending my money in vain, but somehow in that 20% of discount all the magic get lost.

It happened to you too, when there is a big sale, we found ourself putting a whole bunch of stuff to our cart, jeans that we need, dresses that we like or shoes that we think will fit perfectly with a dress that we already have – but at the end – the clothes that we buy on sale finish somewhere at the bottom of our wardrobe.

It’s a matter of wanting much more that a matter of needing. There is something special and magic in shopping, its about experience, and that experience gets lot in that 20% of discount.  So, dear Asos, you wont full me with that 70% of reductions.

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