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20 Feb

Fashion idols: Daphne Guinness


I truly felt in love with this lady, Daphne Guinness, you are a real inspiration. Actually, Daphne’s style was one of the inspirations behind my decision and idea about writing this blog in the first place. Daphne is a British fashion designer, art collector, model, producer, actor and philanthropist, probably best known for having purchased Isabella Blow’s entire wardrobe after Isabella’s death and for her love of Alexander Mcqueen designs.

Delicate and sophisticated Daphne claims that she uses clothes as a form of defense. You may like her iconic style as I did, or you may think it is too much, but surely it won’t leave you indifferent:

tumblr_mwdir1sfGp1qbthg2o1_500 original faar-daphne-guinness-h ec414a8b9a211ad2285c0eb2ce6b7154 download download (1) download (2)

daphne-guinness-wearing-a-001 daphne-guinness-no-met-ball-gala-2011 Daphne-Guinness-for-Zoo-Magazine-DesignSceneNet-03 Daphne-Guinness-Fashion-Eccentric daphne-guinness (1) daphne-guiness-by-phil-oh Daphne-Guiness-01 Daphne_poster_640 Daphne_Guinness16 Daphne_Guinness_big Daphne McQueen Dress d88351cf32e78df6e6b0d57e9579be6d d27b79a42e1365fec6381c597b349a99 bad78da58d311849aba68b81e3925cf6 aed6e0c08794fa873d6a73502a57d1e0 195765915021741995Yb8NVqtWc 2627810714ff2edcdfbeae46db6fbd39 485526577 la-modella-mafia-daphne-guinness-3 8100_640n 5498b7877cb0d_-_hbz-march-2014-24-hours-with-daphne-guiness 9d676ac81e71ed516e8c2154bf9ae341

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