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25 Feb

Common sense is not so common


In a few months, or sooner, we will all run to buy the next “new thing” and it will be full of lace and embroidery. Big hats, romantic colours, flower patterns, renaissance motifs. And most of us won’t know where do all of these come from, and I’ll tell you where – The Alchemist Garden – Alessandro Michele’s new Gucci FW 2017 collection. And more important most of us won’t know that there is a deeper meaning to it.

I am not that sure why I like Alessandro Michele’s aesthetics that much. But I am sure that they seem like a dream. A romantic fantasy about the past and the future, on steroids.

Milano Fashion Week is about to end and there was a message, actually few of them that made me, and the whole fashion world, think.

What are we going to do with all this future? / Common sense is not so common. / I want to go back to believing in a story. These where the words written by Coco Capitán, a young Spanish artist over Gucci’s FW 2017 collection.

We live in a weird world, where the political and social threads are all around us, and the main function of art –  and fashion is an art form – is to ask questions, and hopefully give answers. And this is exactly what Alessandro Michele did. He gave answers. 

And the answer for me is to dare to dream – to dare to go back to believing a story. A romantic yet weird story where we all live without boundaries and we understand that the only boundary that we have is in our head.


Gucci-FW17-02-620x908 Gucci-FW17-04-620x908 Gucci-FW17-05-620x908 Gucci-FW17-07-620x908 Gucci-FW17-08-620x908 Gucci-FW17-10-620x908 Gucci-FW17-15-620x908 Gucci-FW17-16-620x908 Gucci-FW17-19-620x908 Gucci-FW17-22-620x908 Gucci-FW17-25-620x908 Gucci-FW17-26-620x908 Gucci-FW17-28-620x908

“His non-nostalgic vision of the past with his ability to make it contemporary. The importance he gives to love.” – Coco Capitán

Images via Design Scene


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