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6 Mar

God bless Dermalogica!

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Let me start this post telling you that this is not a sponsored post and that few of these products saved my ass – and/or – my skin. Nor is this a post about fashion. Even though fresh and beautiful skin is always in fashion isn’t it? If you have an oily, normal or combination skin, please stop reading this, because my skin is dry as hell, gets irritated really often and before I started using few of the following products rosacea wasnt a news for me.

So first of all, my dear ladies OAT is the word for us, and Aderma has a line for atopic skin (which seems to be the name for reactive/fragile skin types) that is formulated and based on Rhealba® Oat. Not all of the line worked for me but these two products made miracles:

EPITHELIALE A.H – that actually is a regenerative cream that was designed to be used post microsurgeries and laser treatments. I used it when my skin was on its worst days, and slowly, slowly day by day it helped. Once my skin got better I was ready for EXOMEGA.



Good bless America and god bless Dermalogica, these are prodcuts I cant live without anymore:

Barrier Repair – which is a light textured moisturizer that creates a film over your skin, almost a shield. I tested it on -20C while skiing and it worked perfectly!


Intensive moisture balance – the greatest daily cream, no bullshit.


Essential cleansing solution – a really delicate and nourishing cleanser, does its job and doesn’t dry your skin.


And when your skin hydration levels get better, don’t forget that there is a Dermalogica product, that I have already mentioned here, that will reduce almost immediately your wrinkles, Phyto Replenish oil. Your wrinkles will be back in a few hours, but you will look amazing for the night.

And as usual, you will thank me later.



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