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11 Mar

You know me and you don’t


With a history of almost 100 years, Chanel N5 has has become an icon. Much more interesting than the perfume itself, it’s the way Chanel N5 became “the” perfume.

1921: The New Woman and 1937: Coco Chanel, “An artist in living.”

The legend of Chanel No. 5 begins with Chanel meeting French-Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux in 1920 and asking him to create a scent that would make its wearer “smell like a woman, and not like a rose.” The first advertisements of Chanel N5 were illustration and representation of Mademoiselle Cocco, she is The New Woman, and Chanel N5 is her choice. 


1954: Marilyn Monroe

The story becomes much more interesting in the 1954. The best publicity that Chanel No. 5 ever received was not an advertisement at all. When asked in an interview “What do you wear to bed?” Marilyn Monroe answer in an interview for Marie Claire – “Why, Chanel No. 5, of course!”. The famous actor never became an official face of the brand, meaning that the most famous endorsement for the brand was never planned.


1972: Catherine Deneuve

In 1972 Catherine Deneuve became the face of the perfume. There are no slogans and no ad copy: just her face and her name.


1997: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol did a series of prints featuring the iconic No. 5 bottle, later Chanel bought the rights to use them in their advertising campaigns symbolising a transition for the brand towards a more pop culture.


2012: Brad Pitt

In 2012 Brad Pitt became the first male to advertise a Chanel N5 perfume. Represented in black and white and background with the bottle representing a woman foreground the perfume and the woman wearing it are the true starts of this campaign.


2016: The scent of all paradoxes

In 2016 a new scent for the Chanel N5 was released by the brand. Its campaign is a true modern paradox, featured by 17-year-old Lily-Rose Depp, model and social media star representing an almost 100 years old fragrance it shows the contrast between the old and the new, order and disorder. The tagline “the scent of all paradoxes” and hashtag “#youknowmeandyoudont” tells the world that we as woman are strange creatures that can be many things at once, and this hasn’t changed over the past 100 years.






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