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17 Sep

Trend alert – meet your next sunglasses


Sometimes I think that the proper name for this blog should be “Under my sunglasses” instead of “Under my lips”.

Β As I already told you here and here I happen to have a big love for sunglasses. And cat eye Lolita sunglasses my lady are going to be a huge trend for the upcoming season. They have already been sold out on Net-a-porter, but you can order them from this site.


14719209_299484243769883_7529073413575409664_n street_style_new_york_fashion_week_dia_4_victoria_beckham_313694832_1200x1800-533x800 eccc18673cbf459a3cac23fc5dce2144 3ED2733C00000578-0-image-a-40_1491007183223 36b7f40604d45cd6a9a8e9a81d4153b9--good-girl-cat-eyes

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