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21 Sep

May all of your pain be champagne

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It was a hot crazy messed up summer day – one of those days when you honestly start to think that you should just stop to care, one of those days when you feel that the whole world is going against you – when I received a called that change this day forever.

But let me start from the beginning. Everything I do in this world I do it because it excites me, I do it because I truly enjoy the process rather than the result. I founded Zambelli Brand Design because I truly believe that by a correct design approach by branding we can change the position of a product on the market, I enjoy seeing the happy face of my clients when I present them with new concepts – when I show them the true value of their product. I co-founded Kisha umbrella – the world’s first smart umbrella – because I believed and I still do believe in my team, we made an extraordinary product out of nothing, we innovated the umbrella market and all of this in less than three months. Finally, I started UnderMyLips because I love aesthetics so much that I want people to understand that they should put much more personality in everything they do, starting with how do they wear.

That summer day they called me to let me know that I have been nominated for Business Woman award for amazing champagne house Veuve Clicquot. To be fully honest with you I never investigated into the history of the Maison and by that moment I didn’t realize that I have been chosen to be part of an outstanding story that lies in the life of Maison Clicquot founder’s wife – Madame Clicquot.

Madame Barbe-Nicole Clicquot, an aristocratic French lady took over her husband’s business when her husband passes away – Veuve means ‘widow’. She was an innovator that changed the face of champagne production and the position of women in business forever. Known as La Grande Dame de la Champagne, she led her champagne house at a time when women in France couldn’t hold a bank account, let alone run a company. She was a 27-year-old widow that became an industry leader.

On yesterday’s event in Zagreb they have chosen me together with Mrs.Mirjana Brlečić from Nikel cosmetics among six other amazing women to represent all of the Croatia’s businesswoman on the regional Veuve Clicquot event that will be held in November, and it felt amazing, it still feels amazing. Other than respect for being part of a beautiful story of success this award reminded me that every each of has the responsibility of making his journey an outstanding one.

And for me, the only way of achieving this is by truly enjoying every step of the process, the result will follow.



Image source: Ashley Longshore



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